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INCUS is a sports analytics company helping athletes to train better using data.

The Mission

To make analytics accessible to elite and amateur athletes through clear, objective and data-driven training feedback

We are committed to making high quality data easy to collect, and more importantly, easy to understand and apply in training, whether you’re an elite or amateur.

A multi-award winning approach

INCUS has received multiple awards for innovation

The Medal is in the Detail™

We believe that it’s the small things that make a product a joy to use. That’s why we focus on them.

Innovation led

Grounded through engineering

Our approach is based on innovation and experimentation through a structured engineering approach. We have built all areas of the platform through iterative, research-driven development.


It’s easy to say you’re the best in the world without data to back it up.

As engineers we won’t make broad statements like this without clear, supporting empirical data. We take a scientific, repeatable approach to assess each aspect of our system, and we aren’t scared to openly publish the conditions and results of our studies. To date, we’ve tested the INCUS platform using robots, high-speed cameras, electronic timing, hand timing, drag measurement systems, real athletes in the field and more..

The numbers speak for themselves; we’re the best out there.

A holistic approach

Going the extra mile for your every millisecond.

To influence behavioural change using data, it’s important to address the entire process from data capture, through to analysis and clear, easy communication of the results. Existing solutions typically focus one just one or two of these, meaning they rarely provide a seamless and complete user experience that contributes to performance improvement.

INCUS has engineered each element of the system from the ground up, with the aim of providing an elegant and integrated data experience for users that uniquely optimises quality, speed and efficiency across all processes from data capture to analysis and feedback.

Rooted in sporting excellence

INCUS was founded upon expertise in world-leading sports equipment design and is now headquartered at the internationally renowned sporting institute, Loughborough University, within the Advanced Technology Innovation Centre.

INCUS technologies are inspired by and developed alongside world-class athletes and coaches in Loughborough. We take a hands on approach to design and engineering, using direct engagement from regular athlete trials to guide the development of INCUS technologies and services.

The INCUS team

INCUS is driven by a multi skilled, enthusiastic team with a love of sport, who are focused on delivering excellence across the entire INCUS platform.

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Lead Engineer & Managing Director

Chris Ruddock

A master in Design Engineering from Loughborough University, Chris is the founder of INCUS and leads developments at INCUS HQ. His previous work designing high-performance systems for Team GB has contributed to multiple Gold medals, World and Paralympic Records.

iOS Developer

Shihab Mehboob

Shihab is a software engineer, specialising in application development for iOS devices. With apps of his featured by Apple on the app store, Shihab is in charge of bringing a seamless, beautiful data experience to INCUS iOS users with skills in software development, UI/UX and data visualisation.

Trials Team Co-ordinator

Liam Walton

Liam has a first-class masters degree in sports bio-mechanics and now leads trials and customer engagement at INCUS. With previous work at British Cycling and with Loughborough Swimming, Liam co-ordinates unique INCUS analytics sessions that help to further validate and improve INCUS technologies.

Senior Data Scientist

Dr. Heinz Lugo

Heinz has over 8 years’ experience in applied data analysis and visualisation in sports. He has worked specifically on systems for swimming and cycling performance measurement and analysis and his roles at INCUS include data preparation, algorithm development and testing.

Technical Lead

Dimitrios Pantazis

Dimitrios is an electrical/ electronic engineer with international experience in embedded systems development and testing. He leads the hardware and firmware developments that ensure INCUS devices provide world class data quality and performance.

Intern Engineer

Tom Davies

Tom is a Design Engineering student from Loughborough’s Wolfson School. He brings a wealth of experience in cycling to the INCUS team; in 2015 he became the youngest person in the world to cycle unaccompanied around the Globe. His next challenge is an IronMan in July 19 and his role includes engineering design, testing and validation across the INCUS platform.

Data Scientist

Suzie Naybour

Susie brings a strong background in maths, coding and a passion for sports to the INCUS Analytics team. Her role includes the development of new Machine Intelligence algorithms and improvements to INCUS data infrastructures.

Full-Stack Developer

Mike Hurt

Mike is a web developer with more than 19 years of experience in building customer-facing platforms for communications, e-commerce, and service-delivery. His role at INCUS is to create a seamless web experience for users and manage the high-quality data produced by INCUS devices.

Embedded Systems Engineer

Owain Phillips

Owain brings more than 30 years of experience in embedded systems design to the INCUS team, from a background in Computer Systems Engineering. He has a passion for all things Embedded, technology, motorcycles and whitewater kayaking.

Analytics Intern

Sean McGuire

A student at Cambridge University, Sean’s exceptional skill in electronic and software systems has contributed to multiple elements of the INCUS platform, from data visualisation, algorithm development and Back End infrastructures to hardware developments and implementation of next-generation INCUS technologies.

Our Origins

INCUS was borne from a need for simple, technical communication between an athlete and coach

From challenging beginnings that led to the idea behind the Company, to a now exciting and fast-paced technology development, the INCUS story already has a rich, international reach, and is continuing to expand every day.

The big bang.

INCUS was founded by former club swimmer and competitive lifesaver Chris Ruddock.

The story begins 10 years ago.

At 16 years old, our founder and now Managing Director of INCUS, Chris Ruddock, was a club swimmer, coach and lifeguard. Chris developed an ear infection that left him with severe and permanent hearing loss in his left ear. From then on, he became acutely aware of the importance of communication within a training environment.

An idea uncovers a need.

INCUS started with the need to solve a problem; communication in a training environment.

As an engineer and typical problem solver, Chris turned to technology. He began to apply sensors to a body to measure key performance indicators, in order to improve communication through data and numbers, rather than verbally.

Fail fast and learn.

The first devices were rough and ready, but proved the underlying principle that INCUS is built on today.

Developed in a bedroom, the first prototypes were primitive but demonstrated the concept that now underpins INCUS – that a single sensor could measure aspects of strokes, breaths and kicks to a high level of detail.

A lot of iterative development and testing.

INCUS grew as a team, and began to develop its own electronics which were tested on real athletes at INCUS HQ in Loughborough.

5 different versions of the system, with countless iterations inbetween, iteratively improved sensor quality, miniaturisation and steadily included additional features such as video synchronisation, wireless comms with boosted processing power and analytics.

NOVA is here.

With 10 years of development from idea to product, the INCUS | NOVA signifies a new era in swimming and triathlon performance monitoring

INCUS | NOVA is the commercial version of INCUS | HALO. It has been used by world-class swimmers and triathletes and will be available to the wider public Winter 2019/20.

Pre-order now.

Details matter.

INCUS Performance is named after a tiny bone found in the middle ear

At INCUS, we believe it’s the small details in training that add up to significant performance benefit. The name, INCUS, comes from one of the smallest bones in the body – the incus bone – found in the middle ear. This tiny bone is crucial for hearing, and is the reason why our founder Chris can’t hear in his left ear; the infection he had as a teenager damaged his irreparably.

INCUS Performance as a company is the missing piece to this puzzle and demonstrates that the details matter. This ethos underpins INCUS Performance and its attention to detail and quality throughout the engineering design, development and user experience of INCUS products and services.

The medal is in the detail

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