INCUS Performance release Garmin watch support

INCUS Performance release Garmin watch support

INCUS Performance are proud to announce that our beta INCUS | CLOUD RUN Garmin app is now available to download from the Connect IQ store. The app allows you to control your INCUS | NOVA, log GPS data, and collect heart rate information from your Garmin watch without the need to take your phone with you on a run.

Garmin watch compatibility

The INCUS | CLOUD RUN app is currently compatible with the following Garmin models:

  • Forerunner 945
  • Forerunner 245
  • Fenix 6
  • Fenix 6S
  • Fenix 6x pro
  • 6x Saphire
  • 6x Pro Solar
  • Tactix Delta Sapphire
  • Quatix 6x
  • Vivoactive 3 Music

Beta test other watch models

If you own another device from the list here that supports "Generic Bluetooth Low Energy Channel" and Beat to Beat intervals, and would like to try the app on your device, please let us know by clicking here.

How to connect a Garmin smartwatch to your INCUS | NOVA

First you will have to update to the latest version of the CLOUD app via the Apple app store. Once installed you will need to update your INCUS | NOVA from within the CLOUD app on your phone before resetting your phone and NOVA. Please set the app to always allow use of location data to reduce the risk of GPS dropouts. 


Install the INCUS | CLOUD RUN app on your Garmin using the following process.

  1. Open the ConnectIQ app on your phone (if you don’t already have it, search for Connect IQ in the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Under the search option, search for “INCUS”, select to install and give permissions:

Note the app will only appear if it is compatible with your device.

   3. The app will install on your watch when it next connects to your phone.

Using INCUS | CLOUD Run app

  1. Wake up your NOVA by pressing the side button. Whilst waiting for a connection NOVA illumination will cascade downwards in green.
  2. Press or touch start on your Garmin watch and scroll down and select the INCUS RUN. The app will open and show the scan screen whilst it is finding your Nova (middle). Once found (right) press or touch start to confirm:

3.  Your NOVA will vibrate and pulse green when connected. You can now place it in your INCUS | Enabled apparel.

4.  Wait for the GPS signal to become available and turn green (left). The app will then transition to the start screen (right):

5.  When you are ready to run, press or touch start. The Nova will vibrate three times and pulse blue to indicate it is recording. You can use the up/down buttons to move between information screens:

Note, the green bar at the top indicates GPS signal. The bar will turn red if GPS is lost.

When you have finished your run, press or touch stop twice to stop your NOVA recording. If there is data to be synced, please move your Garmin watch close to your NOVA. The app will show you your summary stats (left). Press or touch continue to confirm your session has been logged (right).

6.  Now connect your NOVA to your phone to upload your session to the INCUS Cloud in the normal way. Please email if you have any issues or queries.


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