Recognise imbalances and improve your running form with INCUS

Recognise imbalances and improve your running form with INCUS

INCUS exists to empower all athletes, not just professionals. Although we’re trusted to deliver insights by the world’s best triathletes, amateur athletes can see even greater improvements in their form when buying an INCUS | NOVA.

INCUS user Peter Hunt (Instagram: CyberSkier2000), 40, bought the NOVA to improve his running efficiency and to better understand the balance between his left and right legs as he prepares to run the Peterborough half-marathon in October. After being injured previously, Peter knew how important it was to understand his form and train sensibly without pushing anything too far. The unique position of INCUS | NOVA provided him with a full-body insight into his form which other wearables couldn't offer, 

Assessment at INCUS HQ

We invited him in for a full biomechanical assessment from the INCUS team and a running performance check by New Levels founder and INCUS Run coach Lewis Moses.

Identifying areas for improvement

"INCUS gives you an understanding of how your body is moving, how left and right balance is affecting you. From that, if something is happening during my stride then INCUS would pick it up, which in my mind is an indicator for injury or something being a bit off." - Peter Hunt

Using the data and video footage we identified 3 key areas for Peter to work on and ran through as series of drills (soon to be available via the INCUS | Cloud app). 

  • Hip mobility - Peter had previous experience with these drills but we strengthened the connection between mobility work and running performance. 
  • Cadence - to try and improve his cadence and ground contact time we ran through a selection of high knee and skip drills.
  • Glute activation and strength was the final area to work on, performing clams and glute bridges to better engage the glutes. 

Armed with this knowledge and the INCUS | NOVA Peter is in a stronger position to improve develop his run form a smash his target half-marathon time of 1h 45m all whilst raising money for the RAF Central Fund. Donate to the fund here. 

About the RAF Central Fund

"We are an independent charity that supports serving RAF personnel through grant funding to enable them to take part in sports and physical activities at all levels.

We want everyone in the RAF regardless of their role, rank, physical ability or competing level to have access to sports facilities, equipment, and training through our support we help to safeguard their health and wellbeing."


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