What makes INCUS different from a footpod or sports watch?

What makes INCUS different from a footpod or sports watch?

Fitness gains start with good quality, accurate data. INCUS | NOVA can provide you with insights that no other running footpod or sports watch can. 

We know there are many high quality fitness trackers, running footpods and sports watches already on the market. You probably already own at least one, and you may have tried many others, but there are some things that INCUS can do that others can’t. 

Centrally positioned for accurate Left/Right analysis 

Unlike a running footpod or sports running watch the INCUS | NOVA is positioned centrally on your upper spine to give accurate and independent data for both sides of your body. The NOVA uses it’s highly sophisticated sensors to capture every stroke, breath and stride with absolute precision. Within the NOVA are MARG sensors (Magnetic, Angular Rate, and Gravity) working across ten-different axis so every facet of your body movement is recorded.

Whereas single-sided foot-pods measure the number of times one foot hits the ground using the INCUS | NOVA you can measure both sides and find the true average. This means accurate not estimated metrics. No one’s body is completely symmetrical but understanding differences in technique and movement between your left and right side can help you spot areas of weakness that can be developed with the right conditioning or training. 

Revolutionary Run Power metric 

Comparing runs based only on time or pace doesn’t reveal the true training picture, but Run Power does. A single, consistent metric, which unlike pace, accounts for hills, rough terrain and headwinds.

Run Power is measured in Watts (W), one Watt is equal to one Joule of work per second and power is the rate of energy expended. In this case the energy we are talking about is the work done by the body to produce motion in the form of running.  The typical range for Run Power in endurance distance runners is 250W-350W.

Understanding the true training ‘dose’ from a session is vital in not over, or under-training. For example, running up a hill or into a headwind requires more energy (to produce a given speed) in comparison to a flat, still run. Run Power describes this effort in a way other metrics can’t. Cyclists have had the benefit of power meters for many years, now runners can benefit too. 

Observing how your Run Power changes alongside other measures such as elevation or cadence can help to identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie – useful for training and race tactics. Combining it with your heart rate monitor makes the data even more powerful, a lower heart rate for similar power showing an improvement in fitness.

Using Average Power in the session summary allows you to quickly compare effort across different sessions – you might have been running slower but if your Run Power was higher it can help you to understand and manipulate the amount of rest required before your next session. 

Injury and rehabilitation 

INCUS offers new insights that can help in a multi-factorial approach to injury rehabilitation and prevention.  The greater understanding you have of your body, how it moves and the stresses and strains placed on it during running, the more you are able to monitor your injury risk. 

Take off & Landing are measures of acceleration at the toe off and deceleration at the foot strike phases of your stride. Excessive landing deceleration is one of the biggest causes of running injuries. Changes in Take Off and Landing in a session can indicate when your form begins to degrade as you tire and spotting unexplained changes can indicate an increased risk of injury. 

With accurate Left/Right analysis INCUS Run users can compare the level of their landing deceleration on left and right legs independently. For athletes who have struggled with persistent niggles or injuries this allows them to understand how their injured side is moving and track the progress of rehabilitation.  Take Off and Landing allows you to monitor the effectiveness of technique or strength and conditioning work on your running form. 

Track your technique progress, not just your fitness  

When working on technique there will be times when you have to go slower in order to get faster. For competitive athletes wanting to see quick times this can be demotivating. With INCUS you can focus on technique and form improvements, confident that you are taking the right steps to becoming a smoother, faster runner. 

Stride Phases allows you to see your total stride time and how much of your stride is spent in contact with the ground and in flight. Total Stride Time is the  Ground Contact Time plus Flight Time.  Ground Contact Time  is the time between landing and toe-off on the same foot and Flight Time is the time between toe-off and landing on the subsequent step. 

With accurate Left/Right analysis you can learn about your running form by tracking Flight Time and Ground Contact Time on each side of your body. Achieving a lower Ground Contact Time and higher Flight Time at a given pace indicates a more efficient running technique.

A coach that is always with you 

You can’t have your coach studying your form on every run, however useful that might be, but with INCUS Pro-Tips you can still benefit from coaching advice every session. After each run the INCUS | CLOUD app provides Pro Tips, expert advice from professional athletes to help you perfect your own performance. Something that your other multi-sport watches won't do.

Auto Updates 

Just like you as an athlete, we also want to constantly improve and are always seeking the next development that will make INCUS even better. But, there is no need to hold back from buying your INCUS | NOVA  now, once you are INCUS-enabled you will receive every update and improvement as it becomes available. 

Simplify your training life

How many fitness trackers and sports monitors do you already have? If you are a multi-sport athlete you probably have several! INCUS tracks your runs and swims, providing cutting edge, unique and world-first data, INCUS gives you access to knowledge not available anywhere else. And with cycling coming soon it will be the only training tool you need.

With one push of the button all your session data is taken care of without having to toggle between different sports modes. No more charging multiple gadgets and with 20 hours battery life there is enough power to support even your longest training sessions. After your session wirelessly sync your data with quick connection through the INCUS | CLOUD app. With easy to understand session summaries and INCUS Pro-Tips you have the knowledge you need to make your next running session your best yet. 

Data today, faster tomorrow. What are you waiting for? Head to our Run Store now. 

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