Why fit matters | FIIN Vest swimming wearable | INCUS

Why fit matters | FIIN Vest swimming wearable | INCUS

Selecting the right size of FIIN Vest is essential to ensure the INCUS | NOVA swimming tracker is held securely in place and doesn't interfere with stroke, swim dynamics or create drag. 
Creating the world’s best wearable for swimming 

Designed by experts, scientifically tested and approved by our INCUS pro-athletes, the FIIN Vest is comfortable for long hours of endurance training and won’t slow you down on race days. With our INCUS colours and logos, it is something that every swimmer will be happy to wear, in the pool or for open water swimming. 

To explain the fit of the FIIN Vest we have to go right back to the beginning. In 2014 when MD Chris Ruddock developed the first prototype he needed to work out where on the body the INCUS | NOVA needed to be positioned, to accurately measure swimming motion. These initial tests were carried out with perseverance and gaffer tape!  This extensive early testing established the optimal position for the NOVA. There’s a cool video on the origins and early testing of INCUS HERE

Centrally positioning the INCUS | NOVA on the upper spine allows the collection of data from each side of your body. Where some products estimate what happens on one side, from the measurements of the other side, INCUS offers accurate measurements for each side independently. From this data INCUS | CLOUD provides unique metrics;  Swim Economy, Body Roll and Body Pitch allowing you to spot the areas of your technique that can be improved.

Accurate though the gaffer tape model was, it had a long way to travel before becoming the sleek, easy to wear and unobtrusive garment the FIIN vest has become. 

Scientifically validated wearable for swimming

After extensive research, development and testing we are confident that the FIIN Vest is perfectly designed to hold the NOVA device in place whilst being comfortable, unobtrusive and providing no additional drag. We worked with some of the best names in sporting textile and garment design, including Sally Cowan  who has created garments for numerous Great British Teams including  British Cycling and British Bobsleigh, and who manufactured suits for the Olympics.  

To validate the final design we worked with HUUB, using the MAD System, designed to test the drag of wetsuits. The results confirmed that no additional drag was provided to the athletes whilst wearing the FIIN Vest. The FIIN Vest is a specially designed piece of highly technical apparel, with no gaffer tape in sight. 

Choosing the correct size of FIIN Vest 

From our own training we know comfort is a necessity, given the long hours of use demanded by swimming endurance training. Getting the right fit will ensure comfort, accuracy of data and prevent drag. 

Your FIIN Vest needs to sit tight to your body so any movement the NOVA detects is the movement of your body, not the movement of the garment. If it is not in the correct position you won’t get the highest quality of data. If your FIIN Vest is too big you may find it rides up, sags, twists  or holds pockets of air, which can contribute to increased drag. 

Use the sizing chart to take accurate measurements and don’t size up or down as the garment is true to size. Built with highly technical material designed to reduce drag it has some stretch in the water. When you try your vest on it should feel tight, but not completely restrictive, as it will give a little bit once in the water. When the FIIN Vest and device is correctly fitted you won’t even know it is there. 220 Triathlon Magazine said “ Despite our reservations the FIIN Vest isn’t at all restrictive for swimming or running.” 

Start your training with INCUS today 

When purchasing your FIIN Vest, whether along with your NOVA as part of a core swim or tri-sport bundle or the just the FIIN Vest on its own, it is critical that you buy the correct size. When you get the correct size of vest you will not feel it in the water, a statement supported time and time again by athletes of all abilities that we work with. 

You can find our size guide HERE, but if you are still unsure get in touch with our team, who will be happy to help. 

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