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About this product

A specialised, unisex INCUS enabled swim garment developed and validated by INCUS, alongside Olympic skinsuit partners.

The FIIN vest is compatible with INCUS | NOVA and has been developed for high performance in swimming. With an advanced construction, the INCUS | FIIN includes:

  • Completely unobtrusive with validated NetZero™ drag effects*.
  • Long lasting, FINA approved, chlorine resistant material
  • Soft, brushed feel
  • Enhanced fit from unique, anisotropic stretch panels
  • Sturdy, stretchable, lockable zip
  • Keep readjustments to a minimum with advanced Stay 4 Sure gripping technology

The FIIN vest is included in Core Swim, Swim Run and Trisport bundles, with an INCUS | NOVA.

Garment Size Guide

*Requires correct size. NetZero™ means negligible additional drag in comparison to no vest (both male and female). Validated using Measurement Active Drag (M.A.D) system.