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INCUS | NOVA: Core Run Bundle (Single Sport)

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The first wearable specifically developed for excellence across endurance sports.

INCUS | NOVA provides new, high quality and automatic training feedback for runners. Worn on the upper spine, NOVA helps you to improve your technique and performance without getting in the way. 

When synced to the INCUS | CLOUD smartphone app, results are shown quickly, clearly and simply to help you to understand what the numbers mean. Premium Enabled apparel allows you to personalise your experience and bring high performance analysis to different endurance sports, using the same device.

The Core Run Bundle includes:

  • INCUS | CLOUD: Run analytics
  • Core Run Tee

**Product Images and size guide below

Your CLOUD account will receive free, ongoing updates included as standard, providing new functionality and additional device features to expand the use of your device in the future.

Your NOVA is built for multi-sport use. To upgrade your device and unlock multi-sport at any time, upgrades are available and sold separately.

Running (BETA) features now live on Android & IOS.

Now shipping to Europe, US and Canada. 

Worldwide territory schedules to be announced in due course. 

*Please note that the RUN features are in BETA and full release is not until April 2021.