Beth Potter: INCUS Enabled Athlete Interview

Beth Potter: INCUS Enabled Athlete Interview

Beth Potter is the newest athlete to join the INCUS Enabled roster in 2022. Beth comes from a track and field background, having competed at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games in the 10k. In 2017, she moved from Glasgow to Leeds to pursue a career in triathlon. She talks to INCUS about her sporting career so far and how INCUS is helping her get the edge on her opponents.

How did you first get into triathlon?

I swam competitively when I was younger and along with my run background, triathlon is something I’ve always wanted to try. Like many people, I was inspired by the performance of the Brownlee brothers at London 2012.

How do you use the INCUS | NOVA in training?

I mostly use the INCUS | NOVA in the pool in my technical sessions and I also use it in open water. I use it to compare my performance between the two, and the feedback so far tells me I’m more efficient in open water - which is good because that’s where we compete!

How does INCUS help you gain the edge on the competition?

I had a shoulder injury recently so using INCUS along with advice from my physio has really helped me to sort that out and recover quickly. This season I’ve been working on making front pack to create a buffer in case anything goes wrong in transition, so INCUS has helped me to improve my swim performance to make that happen.

What was it like competing at the Commonwealth Games?

I’ve competed three times and they’ve all been very different and unique. Glasgow was very special because I’m from Glasgow, so that was like a ‘home’ game for me. For the Gold Coast games I competed both on the track and in triathlon. For my third games, I really felt I was ready to give it my all in triathlon and get a medal, so it was great to actually deliver that.

What do you like most about training with the INCUS | NOVA?

I love being able to see improvements in my swim, especially because it’s new to me (or at least something I haven’t done in a long time). It’s great to have something to work on and see tangible improvements. It also feels great to be among the top athletes in the sport.

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