INCUS Coach Partner Launch Day

INCUS Coach Partner Launch Day

On the 6th February we were pleased to welcome four of our first INCUS Coach Partners to the National Swim Centre here in Loughborough for the launch of our coaching programme. 

Four of the leading coaches from the swimming and triathlon world; Goode2Tri, 9Beat Swimming and Bingham Tri Club, joined us for a demonstration by the INCUS team before getting their hands on their new INCUS kit and trying it for the first time. 

We have attached some pictures below from the day and a video will shortly be coming.

Above: MD Chris Ruddock welcomes some of our Coach Partners.

Above: Getting to grips with the system.

Above: A quick breather between sets.

Above: The clear, immediate feedback in action.

Above: The end of the day and the first INCUS | NOVAs out in the wild!
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