INCUS Performance release official Apple Watch App

INCUS Performance release official Apple Watch App

INCUS Performance continue to offer more ways to access full-body insights into your running form with a new integration with the Apple watch. This launch adds to the existing integration with Garmin launched in January. 

Getting started with the INCUS Apple Watch app.

Download the latest release version of the app from the Apple app store (1.4.1) and the INCUS app orange and white sine wave logo will appear on your Apple Watch home screen.

Can’t find the app? Navigate to your Watch app on your iPhone and scroll down to apps that are available to be installed.

If it’s your first time using INCUS then you will have to connect your NOVA with your iPhone to set your profile up on the NOVA. If you share your INCUS | NOVA then you will need to re-pair your phone to set the correct user on the NOVA.

The phone app is used to set the correct user on the NOVA.

Apple watch app home icon

Click “Let’s get started” to search for and pair your NOVA. If you can’t find your device make sure your NOVA is on and not paired with your iPhone. 

The Apple Watch will connect to your NOVA, wait for good location data, and a heart rate. Once all 3 spinners turn into green ticks then you’re ready to start a session.

Make sure NOVA is securely in your INCUS enabled apparel. Click the play button once you’re ready to start a session.

Start session on INCUS watch app

During the session you will see live running metrics to keep you on track. 

INCUS watch app live running screensWhen you’re finished click the stop button and sync your data to the INCUS | CLOUD app and Apple Fitness using the on-screen instructions. Use your iPhone to sync the NOVA’s sessions to the cloud to view your metrics. 
INCUS watch finished run screens

At the end of your run you may see the below screens. These are outstanding locations waiting to be sent to the NOVA. You may need to bring the NOVA closer to the watch to get it to reconnect. When these are finished uploading then you can complete the session. 

Sync files image
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