Why Mixed Reality™ Racing Is Pivotal For Today’s Athletes & Sports Broadcasters

Why Mixed Reality™ Racing Is Pivotal For Today’s Athletes & Sports Broadcasters

Why Mixed Reality™ Racing Is Pivotal For Today’s Athletes & Sports Broadcasters 

“No-one has successfully connected real life with the digital landscape, until now” - INCUS Founder Chris Ruddock 

Mixed Reality™ Racing is set to change the future of sports tech and bring exciting disruptions to the industry. With cutting edge technology developed by the experts at INCUS, new ways to race and new ways to enjoy watching your favourite sports are on the horizon. Read our first blog on Mixed Reality™ Racing to find out exactly what it is and how it works.

How is INCUS different?

INCUS NOVA 2.0 is a wearable device that monitors athletes’ performance metrics in real time and will be the first to deliver a seamless, to-the-second livestream across swim, bike, run and multi-sport environments. 

NOVA 2.0 connects to peripheral sensors such as heart rate monitors and, in future, cycling power meters as well as other physiological measures like blood glucose. This will allow us to give the most comprehensive overview of an athlete’s performance ever seen, all while being broadcast live around the world. 

The INCUS device is built to enable the first ‘on-the-fly’ swim/bike/run analytics by integrating the existing INCUS ecosystem. The future of this technology will allow you to see real-time sports metrics such as stroke rate, run impacts, body angles and more to manage injury and improve efficiency. Monitor your own as you race to adjust your game plan, or watch the action unfold live during professional events.


One of the biggest benefits of NOVA 2.0 is that it is a standalone device which doesn’t need to be pre-paired to a smartphone to work. Unobtrusive and easy to deploy, NOVA 2.0 blends live, outdoor activities with online experiences to allow fans to engage with athletes at an unprecedented level.

Follow your favourite athlete’s progress in real time through the INCUS app, as well as live streaming to television and online broadcasts to add value to commentary. Bring rivalries and finish line sprints to life with a live in-depth understanding of what it takes for athletes to experience these golden moments.

Why is Mixed Reality™ Racing important?

Virtual racing became the go-to for millions of everyday and professional athletes throughout 2020 and into 2021, with its legacy living on into 2022 and beyond. It allows anyone to race from anywhere in the world and breaks down barriers such as travel restrictions and drafting rules.

Mixed Reality™ Racing takes virtual racing a step further. It allows professional athletes to transmit their performance metrics live throughout the race, for fans, broadcasters and their coaches to follow and analyse. For amateurs, it’ll add a new dimension to racing from home with clubmates and friends (and rivals!). There will also be the possibility of taking your ride outdoors and competing with friends around the world on your favourite roads, without being constrained to the turbo trainer or an indoor bike.

Mixed Reality™ Racing will bring races to life and allow anyone to step inside the mind of the athlete and see what it takes to compete on an international stage or to win a challenge on the turbo. For broadcasters, Mixed Reality™ Racing brings never-before-seen data to the masses and gives the edge on basic broadcasting styles.

Why is it relevant?

INCUS is bringing competitive sports firmly into the 21st century with innovations to an industry that has been stagnant for some time. The numbers speak for themselves: in the running industry, between 2008 and 2018, women's marathon participation increased by 56.83%, and men's participation increased by 46.91%. Now imagine being able to run on your home treadmill or cycle on your turbo trainer and compare your performance stats live with those you’re racing against or indeed anyone around the globe. Compare your heart rate with the rival who always beats you, or challenge yourself to achieve the same power output as a Tour de France rider. 

More and more people are discovering the benefits of virtual sport and are becoming more serious about their involvement in mass participation events. The market is expanding at a huge rate and INCUS is ready to lead the way with technology innovation.

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