David Mcnamee

David is a professional triathlete, he uses his INCUS | NOVA to track his Run power during run sessions.

“Run Power helps me avoid overtraining and make adjustments to my training plan when needed. It ensures I am progressing the difficulty of my training correctly, even if I am doing different types of sessions” 

David started as a swimmer, triathlon was a new and exciting sport happening in Scotland. After entering a novice race, David found a new passion and love for sport in triathlon. 

“Ironman is about you vs yourself, you finding your own personal limits. I wanted to find what my personal limits are.”

‘In sport the goal posts always change, you achieve something then all of a sudden you want the next thing. It’s so close you just want to keep on moving that goal post further and further, I suppose now it is to try and win it.’ 

David states ‘ I got to the point after 15 years of doing triathlon , that I am basically at my performance limits. It has been a shock to me, you have so much to work on still, and to find different avenues to go down to make me faster and faster.’ 

How David uses his NOVA  

We spoke to David at the end of 2021, about how he is using his INCUS NOVA in the run up for the Kona 2022 World Championships. 

‘The last 2 months have been about getting myself more balanced and really working on the economy motions, it just means I can leave the water at the end of the swim section in the ironman that much fresher and ready to take on the bike and the run. It’s all about economy Ironman, it starts from the very first arm stroke, so it’s been great. It allows me to go faster but allows me to end the swim feeling that little bit fresher than in the past, and that is key to try and become world champion.’