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INCUS offer bespoke analytics sessions, powered by INCUS wearable technologies, to bring quality analytics to you or your team

The power of INCUS, tailored to you.

INCUS analytics trials offer personalised technique and training analysis, structured around your training needs.

Same high-quality data. Applied differently.

Trials use the latest INCUS wearables to provide analysis and feedback made bespoke to you.

INCUS analytics trials provide a unique and hands-on experience with INCUS devices and analytics, tailored to you. Sessions are run by our trials team at the prestigious National Centre in Loughborough, where you may well bump into some of the top-flight British athletes during your trial.

INCUS trials differ to the CLOUD experience by focusing the power of INCUS | Machine Intelligence on particular skills through a structured session, relevant to you or your team.  All sessions are managed by skilled INCUS team members, using a scientific procedure that allows you to explore specific areas of technique or training in a new light.

Not coaches.

We’re here to provide numbers to support a coach’s experience, not replace them.

INCUS team members are skilled in high-quality data collection, analysis and clear feedback. Analytics trials are most valuable when working alongside a coach, or those who are aware of specific aspects of their training that they’d like to understand more. What we do is provide quality numbers to support training decisions and strategy, identifying areas of efficiency or improvement measured by INCUS devices.

The INCUS team at your service

INCUS can manage as much or as little as you’re looking for.

All aspects from session planning, data collection, analysis and report writing can be managed by INCUS, alongside coaches or athletes. How much of this we manage is entirely dependent on you. For one-on-one sessions, INCUS typically leads the entire process using a session plan approved by you in advance. For team analytics sessions, or for others with a coach, we’re happy to either lead the session, or work more in the background as required.

Over 50 athletes from clubs, teams and individuals

INCUS knows how to provide exceptional data experiences from elite to amateur

INCUS | Analytics Trials: Tier 1

For entry-level athletes looking for benchmarking, progression over time and core insights

Tier 1 trials use high quality analysis to understand and benchmark your technique

  • Clear, simple feedback
  • 2 page breakdown of session [PDF]
  • Core insights explain the numbers

Breakdown includes:

  • Velocity Gain per stroke LHS/RHS
  • Body Roll max/ average LHS/RHS
  • Stroke Count LHS/RHS
  • Stroke Rate LHS/RHS + combined
  • Stroke Durations LHS/RHS
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INCUS | Analytics Trials: Tier 2

For performance athletes or coaches looking for advanced, technical insights on specific skills

Tier 2 reports have provided world-first analyses in swimming and Tri-sports including:

  • Impact of breathing/ body rotation on stroke strength
  • Assessment of stroke asymmetry
  • Assessment of effective turn sequences
  • Impact of fatigue on stroke symmetry and pace
  • Effective breathing in Butterfly (body pitch and lift profiling)
  • Velocity Profile breakdowns
  • Advanced insights with statistical analysis

Tier 2 reports are highly detailed and aimed towards technical audiences such as coaches and performance staff.

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INCUS Analytics Trials: Team trial

For coaches and clubs looking for data-driven training feedback

For coaches, clubs and teams looking for core insights, benchmarking and progression over time for multiple athletes. A team trial report provides an overview of athlete stroke techniques using high quality stroke analysis produced by INCUS technologies.

Tier 1 & 2 Variants available:

  • Understand specific athlete skills in detail
  • Guide your strategy with quality measurement and analysis
  • Provide personalised feedback to athletes
  • Focus on coaching rather than timing
  • Engage your athletes with technology
  • Hands on sessions with INCUS wearables at the National Centre or your club

Team trials are organised and planned via direct contact with the INCUS trials team. Sessions are quoted on the number of athletes and depth of analysis/ reporting provided on a session-by-session basis, from just £49.99 per athlete for Tier 1 analysis. Team trials can include visits to UK clubs, however this requires a minimum number of athletes which varies with location.

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