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High-quality data.


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The first integrated measurement and analytics tool for swimmers and triathletes.

A foundation of Quality.

INCUS moves away from typical sports trackers that collect lots of data and do little with it

Next generation sensors for highest data quality

Advanced sensor fusion for data reliability over time

Not a tracker.
A wearable analytics tool.

Trackers focus on the past. INCUS | NOVA looks to the future.

The quality and clarity of the results produced by INCUS | NOVA move towards predictive analytics that proactively benefit training. With its high-resolution data capture, the NOVA unlocks the full power of the INCUS | Cloud to guide your training for race-day.

Rock and roll.
Like no-one else.

NOVA provides world-first measurements in swimming and Tri Sports including active body pitch/ roll profiling

  • Body pitch and roll
  • Velocity Gain
  • Stroke balance
  • Automatic set/rep/length detection and structuring

And many more…

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The first whole-body measurement

INCUS | NOVA™ is the first Triathlon wearable worn on the upper spine.

This approach allows direct, clear measurement of your body’s left and right sides and forward motion, rather than measuring from your head or wrist and guessing at the rest.

in the blink of an app

INCUS devices sync directly with your smartphone or tablet.

No more spreadsheets or manual data processing, advanced analysis is now processed and available for you within seconds so you can understand what you’ve done straight after you’ve done it.

Click and forget

INCUS devices are engineered to be seamless and simple

Technology should enhance your training, not get in the way. Start sessions with a single click of a button and then focus on your effort. Feedback will be waiting for you when you need it. Simple.

Integrated and unobtrusive

INCUS devices integrate with specialist INCUS-enabled apparel.

Wrist and head–mounted devices get in the way of your stroke. INCUS | NOVA is worn unobtrusively within INCUS enabled apparel developed for performance across each Triathlon sport.

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Performance under pressure

INCUS | NOVA was developed by engineers with experience in medal-winning road and track bicycle design for Team GB.

INCUS | NOVA has been specifically engineered for excellence in tough conditions like water. Each NOVA device is pressure tested as part of its quality assurance, and continuously logs internal pressures and temperatures to monitor device health. With validated net-zero drag effects in the water, the result is a tough, IP68+ rated system that can match the effort and rigour you put into your training.

Multisport compatible

The NOVA adapts across multiple Triathlon sports with different INCUS-enabled garments

Use the same device across run, swim and bike to bring high quality performance monitoring to every element of your training*.
Simply choose your suit and go.

*Phase 1 of INCUS | Machine Intelligence focuses on quality swimming analytics. Run + bike functionality will be automatically available for free with Phase 2 of INCUS | Machine Intelligence, coming Spring 2020.  Learn more >

Built to last

INCUS | NOVA is designed to match your performance, even across long, endurance training sessions.

Spacious on-board memory allows for 2 months+ of performance data storage at a time. This, combined with up to 30 hours* of battery life per charge, ensures the NOVA lasts as long as you do.

*Under test conditions in an operational environment

Tech specs:


High performance 10-axis MARG sensor

Up to 200Hz sample rate

Temperature + Pressure + Ambient Light


IP68 Waterproof *


2 months+ *


Bluetooth 5
ANT+ **


30 hours *

* Based on internal tests and normal use conditions.
** ANT+ ready. Full integration to be announced.

Sensor Fusion

Heading ±2 degrees
Pitch/ Roll ±1 degree




SINE wave LEDs
Haptic motor


Midnight Blue

Pure White

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about INCUS ! NOVA™?

What is INCUS | NOVA™?2019-07-10T09:56:12+00:00

INCUS | NOVA is a wearable device that collects high-quality data of your motion and technique across swimming and Triathlon sports. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone to send this quality data to the INCUS |  CLOUD, where it is processed to produce information and insights on your technique and training. The NOVA has been engineered to provide the very best in data quality; it contains state-of-the-art sensors, validated by INCUS, and powerful on-board processing that reduces errors that naturally add up over time. This means that you can trust that the NOVA is representing your body’s motion and is not losing its accuracy over time as other wearable devices may do. The NOVA device is worn within a compatible garment, known as INCUS enabled apparel. With its large battery life, on-board storage and streamlined, waterproof casing, the NOVA has been developed specifically for use in harsh water environments, although it can be used across each Triathlon discipline with compatible analytics packages.


How is INCUS | NOVA™ different to other wearables on the market?2019-07-10T12:24:30+00:00

1. Quality

INCUS | NOVA has been developed to provide the very highest raw data quality, upon which detailed and valuable analytics can based. The quality of NOVA data can be likened to a 4K television in comparison to the standard definition that typical wearable trackers provide.  INCUS | NOVA contains state-of-the-art sensors, validated by INCUS, and powerful on-board processing that reduces errors that naturally add up over time. This means that you can trust that the NOVA is representing your body’s motion and is not losing its accuracy over time as other wearable devices may do.


2. Clarity

The NOVA is the first swimming and Triathlon wearable worn on the upper spine. This allows the NOVA to uniquely measure the left and right sides of your body separately, in addition to directly measuring the way your body is moving through space. This is important because in the sports of swimming, running and cycling, we’re trying to get from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to understand this clearly, fundamental measurement of how your body as a whole is moving forward is required. Wrist based devices only measure the motion of your wrist, and head mounted devices only measure your head. As such, they’re not able to provide the clarity of results and analysis that the the NOVA does. Typical wrist and head-mounted trackers provide basic results such as stroke count, timings and lap count. The NOVA provides advanced information regarding strokes, breaths and kicks on left and right sides, your body pitch, roll and balance, plus how much you’re moving forward as a result of each stroke. This clarity is important in the technique-dependent sport of swimming and Triathlon.


3. Integration

Unlike other wearables, the NOVA is just one element of a wider, holistic analytics platform. This means that INCUS enabled athletes are supported not only by high quality results, but by a wealth of powerful analytics that make this data easy to interpret and tutorials on how to apply this information for performance benefit. At INCUS, our mission is to make analytics accessible to both elite and amateur athletes; once you become INCUS enabled, data becomes a tool to enhance your training for the future, rather than simply describing what you’ve done in the past.

Can INCUS | NOVA be used across different sports?2019-07-10T12:13:45+00:00

Yes. INCUS | NOVA is suitable for use across the sports of running, swimming and cycling with compatible enabled apparel. The same NOVA device will provide quality measurement across your Triathlon training.

Phase 1 of INCUS | Machine Intelligence, the analytics engine underpinning the INCUS | CLOUD is optimised for quality swimming analytics. This means that currently, the NOVA will only provide analysis for swimming. Phase 2 of Machine Intelligence will include running and cycling compatibility and is expected to roll out from Spring 2020. This will be automatically provided to you for free when available.

How much does INCUS | NOVA™ cost?2019-09-13T20:31:44+00:00

INCUS | NOVA is sold in a bundle with a compatible INCUS enabled garment, or on its own.

Recommended INCUS | NOVA Tier 1 bundle £349.99

A core package for powerful, entry-level analytics

INCUS | NOVA Tier 2 bundle: £449.99

An advanced package aimed towards those competing

INCUS | NOVA [device only]: £319.99**


*INCUS | CLOUD is currently optimised for swimming analytics. All NOVA users will be automatically upgraded with the latest analytics including run + bike integrations for free when available.

**INCUS | NOVA requires an enabled garment for use. This option is for those who want to buy multiple enabled garments separately.


How much is it to pre-order INCUS | NOVA?2019-07-10T11:44:27+00:00

Pre-orders of INCUS | NOVA are available now via our website, or by direct enquiry at sales@incusperformance.com

To pre-order, payment is taken as:

  • 50% upfront deposit [£XXX.99 for Tier 1 bundle]
  • 50% when the devices will be delivered

Payments can be made online via the INCUS website using credit/ debit card or PayPal, or via BACS bank transfer if enquiring via email.

You can cancel your pre-order at any time by contacting sales@incusperformance.com. You will receive a full refund if you have not completed your complementary analytics trial. If you have already completed your analytics trial and wish to cancel your pre-order, this is possible but the deposit cannot be refunded.

What are the benefits of being part of the first 100 orders of INCUS | NOVA?2019-09-13T20:37:41+00:00

To mark the launch of INCUS | NOVA, the first 100 orders will receive exclusive Founders Edition membership which includes:

  • Limited edition colour option
    • Choose between our standard colours (Pure white, Slate grey) and INCUS | Ocean Blue
  • Individual, laser engraved device number
    • Your Founder’s Edition NOVA will have a unique engraved version number /100.
  • Founder’s Edition membership card, including ongoing benefits such as:
      – Stash bundle
      – Seasonal online offers and discounts
      – Member benefits, including priority at INCUS events

+ entry into a Founder’s Edition competition for a chance to win your NOVA bundle for FREE!

When will I receive my pre-ordered INCUS | NOVA?2019-07-10T14:27:12+00:00

Pre-orders are to be shipped ready for Winter training 2019/20. We expect that the first pre-ordered units will be shipped in time for Christmas 2019, and manufacturing is currently on schedule for this.

Is INCUS | NOVA™ comfortable to wear?2019-07-10T11:16:50+00:00

Yes. We have extensively tested the NOVA with a variety of athletes and everyone said they didn’t notice it was there.

INCUS | NOVA is worn within compatible garments, known as INCUS enabled apparel. These have been tested with athletes across a range of sizes, abilities and validated scientifically for drag in water. The streamlined design and unique spine location of the NOVA means that you cannot feel it in use. We also have the validation reports to prove that INCUS enabled swim garments do not add drag in water.

Are there other enabled garments available?2019-07-19T14:24:05+00:00

Yes. INCUS has developed its own specialist and validated enabled apparel including the INCUS | FIIN vest, and has also partnered with apparel companies to develop other enabled garments including triathlon suits, cycling jerseys and more. INCUS will be partnering with a wider range of apparel brands in due course to provide an even greater choice of enabled apparel variants for you to enjoy. For now, all pre-order bundles include the INCUS | FIIN vest and further enabled garments will be available for separate purchase when released. Watch this space.

Why does INCUS | CLOUD™ focus on swimming first?2019-07-10T14:04:39+00:00

Swimming is widely considered to be the most challenging triathlon discipline to train for. It has the least technology available to quantify technique/ training and requires the most stringent validation to ensure results are accurate. From our hands-on work with swimmers and Triathletes, it is the swimming leg that was most in need of quality INCUS analytics technologies – as such we decided to start there first and provide a world-first performance monitoring solution that can quickly scale to running and cycling in due course.

INCUS takes a rigorous, engineering approach to research and development. With the tough measurement environment in swimming as the first hurdle, we have been able to spend time to design INCUS | NOVA to be a robust and high quality wearable device that delivers exceptional functionality even under the harshest conditions. With this engineering development now complete and embedded within NOVA, we know that the system is strong and durable enough for use across running, cycling and other applications in the future.


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