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  • Running just got exciting.

    It's nearly here.
    The INCUS | CLOUD: Run is now available for Pre-Order.

run power, cadence, first ever left/right analysis, true pacing, impacts and injury. smartwatch connectivity.

Power is now in your hands.

Power tells you how much energy you are spending at any given moment. Unlike pace, it accounts for hills, rough terrain and inefficiencies in your running stride as you fatigue.

See power as a function of elevation clearly in the INCUS | CLOUD app.

metronome quality cadence

Most cadence sensors measure from one side, and guess that the other is in step. This assumption leads to inaccuracies.

By measuring left/right strides separately and combining timings, INCUS | NOVA achieves more accurate cadence.

When you stop. We do too.

If you're held up by lights or crossings, GPS-only trackers often take too long to respond. This can make it look like you ran slower than you did.

By directly measuring the body's motion, INCUS | CLOUD classifies running, walking and stationary movements quickly, giving more precise, automatic starts and stops.

measure impacts. reduce injuries.

Strong strides, without the niggles. Monitor take off and impact accelerations on left and right legs independently.

Exclusive to INCUS | NOVA.

Coming soon

GPS watch support

No phones needed.

Connect to NOVA, start and stop sessions, view live stats and heart rate, all directly from your GPS watch.

T=0. The time is now

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