We developed a World-first swimming technology.
    And we didn't stop there.


body pitch & roll angles, cadence, first ever left/right analysis, true pacing, automated session structuring, swim economy, split times, insights.

master your stroke balance

No-one swims symmetrically, although it's one of the biggest things coaches try to improve. The problem is, nobody has actually been able to measure stroke balance before. Ever.

For the first time, see body rotation and pitch angles on left/right sides independently with INCUS | NOVA.

A new, scientific measure of efficiency

SWOLF doesn't allow us to compare stroke-by-stroke strength/ efficiency, or offer how to improve it.

Exclusive to INCUS | NOVA, Swim Economy measures the ratio of propulsive (forward) to drag (resistive) accelerations as you swim through the water. This objective measure shows your resulting gain or loss in speed per stroke, so you can know what's working and what's not.



We do the hard work, so you can focus. 

automated note taking. anytime. anywhere

Until now, wet notes, or half remembering what sets we did was the norm.

INCUS | NOVA reliably recognises your sets, reps, and lengths. CLOUD organises and clearly shows all detailed metrics for you on your smartphone, within moments.

timing. without taking time.

You used to have to rush to stop your smartwatch at the end of each set to get accurate timings.

INCUS | CLOUD's advanced classification algorithms detect when you're swimming or not, automatically. You can now forget about the tech, focus on your swim and rely on accurate timings no matter what.

incus insights

read between numbers.

We understand that data alone only helps so much. The next question is "is that good?" and "what now?"

INCUS insights crunch the numbers for you, exploring the interrelations between metrics to show what they mean and how you can improve them. We show these in simple, written statements and graphics.

Coming soon to all CLOUD swim accounts.

T=0. The time is now

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