• Spend time coaching. Not measuring.

    Give clear, quality feedback to your athletes with no extra hassle, directly in-session, or at home.

    One device. Seamless, world-first analytics at your fingertips. Simple.

Key features

Your experience. Now Backed by numbers.

Make the right training decisions, based on real measurements.
We provide feedback to support what you see in session, and to identify the things you can't.

"This is next level. Everyone who uses this will benefit- Simply Awesome."

"Pat went four seconds faster over 100m fly with an adjustment to the angle of pitch”

"INCUS is breaking new ground with NOVA. The convergence of applied engineering research, detailed measurement and user-friendly analysis will be a tremendous asset for Triathletes and coaches of the future."

"The NOVA is already making a massive difference. Swam the set of my life in the pool this morning after working on a few changes."


"It’s so unobtrusive that the only danger is forgetting to turn it off in T1.  The results are instant and over 1.5km it picked out plenty to work on."

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"INCUS has come up with something that is truly innovative in the swim tracking space. It's offering metrics and data points that you can't find on your standard sports watch"

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Two ways to become #incusenabled

Team bundles and offers are available for larger groups.
Devices come bundled with premium Enabled apparel, developed and validated by INCUS.

Core Bundle: Swim or Run

The Entry point

Everything you need to get started.

- INCUS | NOVA device
- INCUS | CLOUD analytics for one sport
- FIIN Vest swim garment
- RUN T-Strap

Trisport Bundle ▼

The Next Level

Greater flexibility for those with future multi-sport needs.

- INCUS | NOVA device
- INCUS | CLOUD analytics 
- FIIN Vest swim garment 
- RUN T-Strap running garment
- Elite Aero LD Trisuit

designed for simplicity

Focus on your athletes. We'll sit at the back and crunch the numbers for you.

Communication Without compromise

Provide a high quality service for your entire team, even when at a distance.

Personalised feedback

Engage through technology

Provide individualised feedback in and out of session 

Motivate and engage your athletes using a medium they resonate with.

Improve remote coaching ▼

Simple and effective

CLOUD can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Maintain high-quality communication when clients are training abroad or on holiday, as if you were there with them.

Save time ▼

Automated note taking

Give each athlete the time they need without wasting yours.

Record and communicate progress at the same time - no printouts, written whiteboards or extra effort needed.

Ready to get started?

Become #incusenabled today and take your sessions to the next level.

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Different. And better by design.

Explore the engineering behind INCUS | NOVA

  • A new level of data quality

    INCUS uses new, advanced motion sensors to improve accuracy over long sessions.

    Typical motion sensors are affected by errors that naturally add up over time, called drift errors.

    NOVA ensures your results remain consistent and accurate with a new type of motion sensor, called MARG. This computes thousands of on-board calculations per second, using multiple sensor inputs, to correct for drift.

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T=0. The time is now

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