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INCUS | NOVA Core Bundle: Founders Edition 50% Pre-order


The first integrated measurement and analytics tool for swimmers and triathletes. INCUS | NOVA signifies a new era in wearable analytics technologies, providing world-first measurement in swimming and triathlon sports.

The INCUS | NOVA Core bundle includes:

plus exclusive benefits as part of the Founder’s Edition add-on for the first 100 orders only (see below).


Core Bundle: Founders Edition

INCUS | NOVA is a wearable device that collects high-quality data of your motion and technique across swimming and Triathlon sports. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone to send this quality data to the INCUS | CLOUD, where it is processed to produce information and insights on your technique and training. The NOVA has been engineered to provide the very best in data quality; it contains state-of-the-art sensors, validated by INCUS, and powerful on-board processing that reduces errors that naturally add up over time. This means that you can trust that the NOVA is representing your body’s motion and is not losing its accuracy over time as other wearable devices may do. The NOVA device is worn within a compatible garment, known as INCUS enabled apparel. With its large battery life, on-board storage and streamlined, waterproof casing, the NOVA has been developed specifically for use in harsh water environments, although it can be used across each Triathlon discipline with compatible analytics packages.

The INCUS | Core Bundle includes:

1 x  INCUS | NOVA (Pure White or Slate Grey) device.
1 x INCUS | FIIN vest.
1 x INCUS | CLOUD Tier 1 analytics package.

Founders Edition

To mark the launch of INCUS | NOVA, the first 100 orders will receive exclusive Founders Edition membership which includes:

  • Limited edition colour option
    • Choose between our standard colours (Pure white, Slate grey) and INCUS | Ocean Blue
  • Individual, laser engraved device number
    • Your Founder’s Edition NOVA will have a unique engraved version number /100.
  • Founder’s Edition membership card, including ongoing benefits such as:
      – Stash bundle
      – Seasonal online offers and discounts
      – Member benefits, including priority at INCUS events

+ entry into a Founder’s Edition competition for a chance to win your NOVA bundle for FREE!

Get a full refund of your pre-order if you are one of the winners!

Pre-order information

This purchase acts as a deposit for the INCUS | Core Bundle. Payment is taken as:

  • 50% upfront deposit [£174.99 for Core Bundle]
  • 50% when the devices will be delivered [further information will be provided]
  • = £349.98 total bundle price

Device colour options will be made available to you before shipping.

You can cancel your pre-order at any time by contacting You will receive a full refund of your deposit.


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