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  • Simple. Actionable analytics for swimmers and runners

    It's easy to collect lots of training data.
    Knowing what it means and how to use it is difficult.

    INCUS integrates world-first wearable technology with advanced data analytics to give you simple, clear feedback to improve your performance. One device. Three sports. Seamless.

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Multi sport has changed forever.

Multi-sport used to mean taking the same measurements (GPS and/or heart rate) and putting a different icon in front.

INCUS | NOVA provides world-first, sport specific measurements at a simple touch of a button. 

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Remote training made easy.

Improve while training remotely, with clear, reliable performance feedback.
Share progress with friends and coaches. Anywhere. Anytime.

Trusted by the finest endurance athletes of all time.

I’m so excited to start working with the INCUS Performance team. Being able to have all the training data at my fingertips after every session will prove invaluable in my quest to win the Kona World Championships.

I’ve really enjoyed working with the INCUS team to produce accurate and useful information that can add something to everyone’s training.

"The NOVA is already making a massive difference. Swam the set of my life in the pool this morning after working on a few changes."

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INCUS are a brilliant and fun team to work with. The data I’m collecting from NOVA is helping me to build a clearer picture of what my body is doing underwater. I can’t wait to put the running data to use in the new update, to help me in the build up towards Tokyo 2021

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"INCUS is breaking new ground with NOVA. The convergence of applied engineering research, detailed measurement and user-friendly analysis will be a tremendous asset for Triathletes and coaches of the future."

data alone won't make you faster. It's what you do with it that counts.

We believe that being a great athlete isn't about how fast you are, or how long you've been competing. It's your approach that sets you apart.

INCUS is pioneering a new way of using data in training.
We're moving away from simply showing stats, instead crunching the numbers for you to present analysis that’s clear and easy to understand and apply. Ultimately, we're working to predict future training requirements, to improve performance and the athlete experience as whole.

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  • World-class talent. #INCUSEnabled

    We're proud to work with some of the most exciting athletes and technical minds in the business.

    We are united by a problem solving approach, driven by iterative improvement.

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