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  • The ultimate endurance sports wearable.

    Clear, performance-enhancing training feedback, wherever you are, immediately. 
    One device. Seamless, world-first Triathlon analytics at your fingertips. Simple.


Zero drag, lightweight, powerful motion processing and up to 30 hours of battery life. INCUS | NOVA is ready to go when you are.

One device, three sports. Done properly.

It's tiring to wear, sync, charge and pay for lots of specialist wearables to get the data you need.

INCUS | NOVA provides results found across watches, footpods and chest straps, as well as new, world-first analytics for swim, run and bike.  All from one powerful device.

designed for simplicity

Lighter than an energy bar. Lasts longer too.

Weighing just 30g, INCUS | NOVA is completely invisible when worn. Enjoy the benefit of data, without knowing it's there.

A revolution in motion sensing

Cutting-edge MARG and environmental sensors, commonly found in drones, map your technique to the highest quality.

NOVA's unique processing provides first ever left/right side technique analysis. Understand and improve your stroke symmetry like never before.

A world first. validated


Technology should enhance an experience, not get in the way.

With its unique upper spine location and garment construction, INCUS | NOVA has been scientifically tested for zero added drag in swimming and running.

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"This is next level. Everyone who uses this will benefit- Simply Awesome."

"The NOVA is already making a massive difference. Swam the set of my life in the pool this morning after working on a few changes."

"Data from INCUS absolutely mind blowing. VASTLY superior to any current wrist based tech... Regardless of price, the INCUS | NOVA is one of the most innovative products I’ve seen in 2019."

"Amazing how much data you took from [the session]. There’s so much more that you can look into. I’d love to do more on this"

"INCUS is breaking new ground with NOVA. The convergence of applied engineering research, detailed measurement and user-friendly analysis will be a tremendous asset for Triathletes and coaches of the future."

"It’s so unobtrusive that the only danger is forgetting to turn it off in T1.  The results are instant and over 1.5km it picked out plenty to work on."

"INCUS has come up with something that is truly innovative in the swim tracking space. It's offering metrics and data points that you can't find on your standard sports watch"

"Pat went four seconds faster over 100m fly with an adjustment to the angle of pitch”


With INCUS | CLOUD, you'll receive regular, free updates as standard, with brand new device functionality and features.

Coming soon:
- Real time vibration feedback for pace and body angles
- Smartwatch connectivity
...and much more

T=0. The time is now

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